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Why do you need to drink fruit juice?

Many people say they are tired every day. Is it tired to work? Not necessarily! Is it bad to eat? Not necessarily! So why is this? In addition to the lack of animal protein, a common problem is the lack of vitamins. Hey, people eat a lot of ah, why still lack of vitamins? I have already talked about, vegetable nutrition in the students, cooked is the cellulose. Some people read the site after the question of drinking fruit juice questioned; summed up, that is, can be bitten with teeth fruit, why drink fruit juice?

So I said they were too proud. Hey, what is the relationship with pride?

There are three main:
1、they think their teeth, can bite the fruit very fine, and in fact, their teeth can only bite the fruit into small pieces. So the nutrients in the fruit, and was not fully absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract.

2、their stomach can not be loaded into a large number of fruit residue. In fact, after they eat several fruits, the stomach is full and can not eat anymore.

3、how much fruit do an adult need to eat? The experience of the ancients is 3 to 5 pounds per day. Eat 3 to 5 pounds of fruit, not only need a never weary teeth, but also need a big belly. Would you please?

Some people say that if you often give children to drink fresh fruit juice,

Then the fruit juice in the fructose, it will affect the child for the absorption of copper, children lack of copper will suffer from future risk of coronary heart disease. is this real?

Yes, copper is part of the body of many enzymes, it is involved in the metabolism of iron in the body, therefore, lack of copper can cause anemia. But the juice itself also contains copper elements, so every day to feed infants and young children is useful.

There are very few juices in our restaurant, but the western restaurant has fruit juice, and there are fruit juices in Chinese restaurants abroad. This is because the juice is an important drink for foreigners. The so-called fruit juice is made of fresh fruit pressed. Some Chinese people still do not understand, eat fruit on the line, why drink fruit juice. This is because we eat fruit absorption rate is only about 30%, but if we drink fruit juice, then the absorption rate is 80%. Which method do you say is saving, which method is wasted?

We have a lot of confused ideas on eating fruit

1、someone cooked the fruit to eat again. Wrong, which completely lost the way to add vitamins.

2、Some people think that eating fruit is a luxury act. Wrong, the fruit is the necessary food for mankind.

3、Some people say that fruit can not resist famine, so eat more useless. Of course, if you can eat food, then you do not have to eat fruit.

4、Some people say that eating fruit will eat a lot of sugar. Wrong, fructose in fruit can not make people fat. Western medicine said that fructose is glucose isomers, do not use insulin, can synthesize glycogen, and therefore will not form high blood sugar. I am afraid this is justified, because there is sugar, there will be heat, it will be converted into fat. However, high fever patients drink juice will not increase body temperature, monkeys always eat fruit will not get fat. The truth is probably not absorbed by the body.

5、Some people say that a fruit contains vitamin A, a fruit containing vitamin B, a fruit contains vitamin C, so we have to eat selectively. Wrong, I repeat, every fruit contains a comprehensive vitamins, otherwise they can not grow normally. As the saying goes flies claws are meat, that is even a bean sprouts, but also contains a comprehensive vitamin.

6、Some people say that the more expensive fruit the better. Wrong, because any fruit contains a full range of vitamins.

7、Some people say that fruit can not eat when the food. Wrong, fruit can be eaten when the food, and some vegetables are not raw.

8、Some people say that fruit will eat more sick. Yes, the fruit is medicinal.

9、Some people say that fruit contains pesticides, very unsafe. Yes, we must be careful to eat, but can not be unworthy.

10、Some people say that modern fruit contains fertilizer, very unsafe. Yes, we must learn to detox.

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