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Whole juicer SJE-003

A cooking machine and a juicer are two very different household gadgets.The cooking machine is mainly used for the mechanical properties of food processing juicing, soybean milk can be made and can be stirred and crushed.If the juicer is mainly used for juicing some fresh fruits and vegetables, but now it does not have the function of heating, so the soy milk produced is generally raw and needs to be heated, the price of juicer is relatively cheap.
In daily life, the advantages of the juicer are relatively simple. As for the owners of the food processor, if they can provide other types of assistance, they can supplement other food. Therefore, the efficacy of the food processor is relatively more than that of the juicer.The difference between a juicer and a cooking machine is described briefly below.
A cooking machine is usually a machine with many functions of food processing. It can be used to extract juice, make soybean milk, stir and crush food, but add water.Food processor is a general term for all food processing machines.
The juicer does not have the heating function. The soy milk is raw and must be boiled before drinking.The juicer is specially designed to squeeze vegetables or fruits into vegetable juice or fruit juice.
The cooking machine has complete functions, such as ground powder, ground meat, soy milk and juice, but it usually needs to be processed twice before eating.
To a professional degree, the juicing mechanism does not add water and other liquids as auxiliary juice, the juice is original and original and the dregs are separated.
Also known as multi-functional food processing machine, blender, juice machine, it is a set of multi - functional machine.When making juice, the cooking mechanism usually needs to be supplemented by water or other liquids. Otherwise, the fruit puree is produced instead of juice.

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