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What is the basic working principle of the juicer?

Different types of juice machines with different structures have different working principles.
(1) Working principle of artificial juice machine
The artificial juice machine uses the principle of leverage to squeeze the juice out of the fruits and vegetables using manual pressure. This juice machine first chopped the vegetables and then pressed them.
(2) Working principle of electric single-axis screw juice machine
The electric single-axis mast-type juicer uses a metal or plastic screw to make vegetable juice. It is to place the fruits and vegetables in a metal box container. After the motor rotates, the gland is moved, the pressure is continuously transmitted to the fruits and vegetables, the liquid juice is separated from the fruits and vegetables, and the whole process of juicing is completed after filtration.
(3) Working principle of electric two-stage single-axis screw juice machine
The electric two-stage single-shaft screw juice machine is similar to the single-shaft screw juice machine. The difference is that during the initial crushing process, part of the liquid juice directly enters the juice cup from a section of the filter, and the pressed fruit and vegetable continues. The machine enters two stages of crushing and squeezing. After two stages of processing, pass through a filter that is thinner than a section. Filter out the juice of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, more liquid juice can be obtained.
(4) Working principle of electric double gear juice machine
The working state of the two gears of the electric double-gear juice machine is similar to that of the automobile transmission. The fruits and vegetables are pushed between the two gears, first shredded, then squeezed, and the two gears work together to squeeze the liquid juice of the fruits and vegetables. After filtering through the filter, it flows into the cup.

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