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The proper way to clean the juice machine

There are often mosquitoes flying around the juicer at home, looking for a solution.

In fact, this is mainly because the machine cleaning problem. Many consumers use the machine, the machine rinse with water, the surface looks clean and hygienic, but in fact not enough. Especially the juice machine, because the parts are more open apart one by one when cleaning, each part must be carefully washed, with a fine mesh filter is the most important cleaning.

The correct cleaning procedure is as follows:

1, the juice machine parts apart, repeatedly washed under the faucet. Filter focus on cleaning.

2, the juice machine parts of the water after repeated rinsing is completed, it is best to use a dry cloth or paper towels, the above water wipe clean.

3, just dry the parts do not worry about away, it is best to have clean and hygienic parts on the place of ventilation and then half an hour, and then put away.

In this way, mosquitoes are definitely not looking for your juice machine.

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