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Is there a difference between the juicer juice machine?

With the weather gradually hot, people not only wear thin clothes, even the body has a desire to exercise, with the body began to flourish, a big wave of fruit is also the time came to our side, whether it is healthy or no time Eat breakfast, a cup of nutritious juice has become a lot of people on behalf of the food, even if you do not like to eat fruit users, but also because it can squeeze fresh fruit juice and fall in love with it. Want to turn fresh fruit directly into juice is actually very simple, straightforward way is thrown into the juicer, the problem came, how do you choose a juicer?

If you look at the Internet you will find that the market can handle fruit and vegetable products can be divided into three categories: Juicers, Juiceji, cooking machine, light a name let a lot of people headaches, some professional terms let people see Dazzling, I do not know the meaning behind it, did not dare to easily shot. This is also a lot of products have been quietly into the more Chinese families, a good assistant to help dishes, but there are still many users on the sidelines of the reasons.

Said the development of science and technology so that people's lives more convenient, but also become more annoying, the fact is true, a cup of fresh juice can lead to so many problems, so that people can not start. If you live in ancient times is relatively simple, in fact, before the Ming Dynasty, the Chinese ancient people already know how to use the juicer. A small square about 20 cm long, put the fruit on top, the wood on its pressure, squeeze out the juice will flow down the stream, clever design, originality.

Look at the wisdom of the ancients, although there is no scientific and technological content, but the method is indeed effective, and the development to the present, although the technology is constantly upgrading, but the variety of the use of more cumbersome, some time ago I see on the Internet A lot of juxtaposition juicer article, a lot of friends that juicer is the tasteless in home appliances, really is this? Perhaps you buy a "fake machine", after all, with the juice machine to do this thing is still difficult to achieve.

If you want to be more familiar with the juicer, juice machine, cooking machine, please watch the following 1 minute video, take you to quickly understand the three machines.

In order to drink pure natural, no added "assured fruit juice", many consumers have the juicer as home must be small appliances. But because of the juicer, juice machine, cooking machine silly is not clear, it led to a lot of Tucao voice appeared on the Internet, in the final analysis is not familiar with the product function has caused a series of problems, but the principle Not complicated juice machine from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, what are the differences between them?

Juicer: cheap, brand, product mature

Juicer is a machine that can quickly squeeze fruits and vegetables into fruit and vegetable juice. It was invented by Dr. Norman Walker in 1930 and has been in existence for nearly a hundred years. It is a high-speed operation. Fruit and vegetable directly squeezed into juice. After years of development of the performance of the juicer has been very stable, can be regarded as very reliable small household electrical appliances, and with the development of science and technology, different styles, different principles of juicers have also been introduced to meet the many families Need, but also a lot of love to drink fruit juice users keen to buy.

Brand, and the price is also a major feature of the juicer, the author in the electricity business website search for a juicer, the brand and the model is very much, nine Yang, Philips, Panasonic and many other well-known brands are consumers worth Trust and purchase, and the price is relatively cheap, according to the price order, the cheapest 100 dollars will be able to buy. Although these juicer function is relatively simple, can only juice, but for many ordinary consumers, a simple and practical targeted small appliances have been completely enough.

Disadvantages: and for such a good and cheap small household electrical appliances shortcomings still exist, the first is the juice rate is low, because the knife net only cut the pulp and no extrusion, so a lot of pulp has not been drained to be thrown into the slag Barrel, a serious waste of nutrition; followed by poor fruit juice, high-speed blade heat caused by rapid oxidation of nutrients, fruit juice will soon be layered and thick foam floating on the surface, the taste is not very good; Finally, it is extremely difficult to clean, which is the most deadly shortcomings, each time the use of fine mesh holes are full of holes are stuffed, you must find a small brush carefully cleaned, washed once again do not want to use.

Juice machine: high juice rate, good taste, keep more nutrients

The juice machine is developed on the basis of a conventional juicer, and its main purpose is to turn fruit into juice to improve its taste and ease of drinking, but the juice machine is based on the traditional juicer The leap. The low-speed screw extrusion technology of the juice machine, the lower the better the squeeze speed, the squeeze out the fruit juice slowly like the towel, without destroying the fruit cell structure and preserving the fruit nutrition. And low-speed juice will not produce high fever, but also to avoid the problem of thermal oxidation of fruit juice.

Good juice is a good taste of the juice machine is a major feature, because the juice machine is a low-speed spiral extrusion technology on the fruit squeeze juice, so the juice and pulp separation is more thorough, the pulp is fully ground, juice rate Much higher than the average juicer. At the same time the juice squeeze juice taste more delicate, because the whole process will not touch too much air, the pulp will not heat up, the product is not the bubble will not be layered, so taste good, far better than traditional juicer. And because the juice machine will not produce small pomace, so the holes are relatively large filter, usually rinse with water to get.

Disadvantages: the current price of the juice machine is not cheap, the mainstream product prices in the basic or so even 2,000 yuan, there is not much room for choice. Relative to the juicer is also a relatively high-end products, suitable for the pursuit of high-quality people. And a single function has become the user's slot, can only squeeze vegetable juice, the face of hard dried fruit and other things on some helpless.

Cooking machine: full-featured, high juice rate, the release of the largest nutrient nutrition

The definition of the machine on the market is to play soy milk, dry powder, squeezed fruit juice, playing meat, shaving ice and other functions in one, for the production of fruit juice, soy milk, jam, dry powder, ice, meat, etc. can easily deal with. Juicers have become more diversified, both can squeeze fruit juice, but also can be stirred and dry grinding, so the name naturally becomes a cooking machine, that is, some small things about the kitchen it can be dishes, girls fresh squeeze Fruit juice, home pepper aniseed, stirring meat, etc., can be described as more convenient.

The cooking machine combines the functions of a variety of machines such as juicer, grinding machine, mixer and so on. In order to play the rock sugar, the cooking machine directly grinds these small squares into super fine powder. For peanuts, almonds, sesame seeds of this type of nuts with their own fat, but also directly labeled as the state of the sauce. When doing fruit juice, the cooking machine through the 45000 turn of the high speed, and instantly break the cell wall, the release of the largest nutrition of fruits and vegetables, because there is no filter, broken machine can be a good way to retain food dietary fiber, to improve gastrointestinal function helpful.

Disadvantages: the machine because the full range of high-tech content is much higher than the price of juicer, and because of the high speed and deal with hard things, the noise is generally high.

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