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How do we squeeze out good vegetable juices?

Before you start making vegetable juices, you must master the selection methods and production points. Only by mastering these methods and points can you make super delicious and healthy vegetable juices. (1) Use fresh fruits and vegetables. When choosing the vegetables and fruits to be used in the production of vegetable juices, be sure to buy organic products instead of the fruits and vegetables that are currently cooked on the market, because even if washed with water, it will still There is a possibility of residue, only the selection of organic fruits and vegetables can ensure the better taste and nutrient content of vegetable juice. (2) Select the fruits and vegetables produced in the current season. Nowadays, the fruits and vegetables in the off-season can be seen everywhere, and all kinds of fruits and vegetables can be eaten all year round. However, if the selected fruits and vegetables are not produced in the current season, the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables will be greatly reduced, and a large amount of preservatives or preservatives will remain on the fruits and vegetables. Therefore, when making vegetable juices, it is best to use the fruits and vegetables produced in the season. And don't use canned fruit. (3) Choose mature fruits, vegetables and fruits. Only after maturity can you have the best taste and nutrients, so be sure to pay attention when choosing vegetables and fruits. Only those who are well-versed can make nutritious and delicious vegetable juices. (4) Try to use the natural sweetness of fruits and vegetables. If you want to be able to get nutrition by drinking vegetable juice, you should pay attention to the process of making vegetable juice. Apart from using natural ingredients such as vegetables and fruits, try not to add artificial seasonings. If you want to increase the sweetness, try to use natural rock sugar or honey. These methods of making vegetable juices can help you make healthier, more nutritious vegetable juices, so be sure to keep them in mind.

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