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About the juicer program design specification

First, the juicer product background

The juicer is a machine that can quickly squeeze fruit and vegetable juices into small juices. It was invented by Dr. Norman Walker in 1930. The doctor was known for inventing the world's first juicer and was known as the father of the active juicer. On this basis, the designers later improved the juicer with different styles and different principles.

Second, the development prospects of juicers

In this huge market in mainland China, the juicer industry is in a period of rapid growth. The popularity of juicers in China is still very low, but it has gradually become familiar with consumers, and sales growth has been relatively rapid. There are two main types of juicer consumer groups: one is a family with children or the elderly, the children are easy to picky eaters and the old people have bad teeth, and their own juice can satisfy their intake of adequate nutrition; the other is the pursuit of fashion and life. Young people of taste, juicers meet their needs for individual tastes.

The market economy of the juicer industry will become more intelligent, aesthetic and professional. At the same time, consumers' consumption concept will gradually change to a healthy, fast and convenient direction. For new kitchen appliances, Chinese juicers The industry has a large space for development.

Third, the working principle of the juicer

The working principle of the juicer is to rotate the fruit at a low speed of 80 rpm by an inner screw. The fruit juice is oozing through the filter and the slag is discharged from the slag discharge port.

Fourth, the core components of the juicer


Five, juicer composition

The general juicer includes: a main machine, a blade, a juice outlet, a juice cup, a pomace bucket, and a top cover.

Host: put the flesh; blade: break the flesh; juice outlet: juice; juice cup: juice; pomace bucket: pomace; top cover: prevent juice spill

Six, the basic function of the juicer

Juice; soy milk; grinding; fruit mixing

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