best juice extractor   best orange juice

best juice extractor best orange juice

Name: Slow Juicer Model: SJE-006 Voltage: 220-240V, 50/60Hz Powerful DC motor: 200W RPM: 40-65/min Material: Stainless steel Color: Original/Sliver/Red/Rose gold/Customized


This is the description of best juice extractor best orange juice
1, Modern high-quality stainless steel design.
2, Completely disassemble for easy clean.
3, Long continuous working time.
4, With Handle Easy for taken.
5, Special structure design for easy assembling
6, ON/OFF/REVERSE function available.
7, Multifunctional juicer with optional strainers.
8, Keep the nutrition of the juice, reduce the oxidation.
9, Safety protection with micro switch.
best juice extractor
best juice extractor
best orange juice
best orange juice
best juice extractor    best orange juice
best juice extractor
best orange juice

Features of best orange juice
The juice machine is mainly used to squeeze heavy metals and pesticides and fibers and squeeze them out of the slag. In fact, pesticides and heavy metals and fibers have a good affinity. It grows with the growth of fruits and vegetables on the fiber of fruits and vegetables. In addition to the extrusion of the gears, you must not worry about being mixed in the juice. You drink completely non-toxic active juice.
Secondly, Taikang juicer is absolutely low speed, 70-80 rev / min so that you can rest assured that it will not destroy nutrients.
100% retained activity. Because fruit and vegetable juice nutrients are particularly weak in temperature tolerance, they will not be fresh after 40 degrees.
Not to mention thousands of revolutions per minute, rapid high temperature damage. A friend asked me, is it a waste of time if it is so slow?
This does not have to worry. We have done comparisons because the input port of the Taikang juicer is swallowed by a large mouth. The gear is instantaneously large. Long stem vegetables and wheat grass are rapidly eaten. The speed is not only slow but also fast!
Looking forward to your inquiry for this best juice extractor best orange juice

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