best affordable juicer   best citrus juicer

best affordable juicer best citrus juicer

Name: Juicer Buster Model: SJE-001 Voltage: 220-240V,50/60Hz Powerful and efficient Motor: 200W RPM: 40-65/min Material: BPA-FREE Color: Sliver/Red/Gray/Rose gold/Stainless steel/Customized


This is the description of best affordable juicer best citrus juicer



1, Modern high-quality double auger design.
2, BPA-FREE material, enjoy nature drinks with non of plastic based chemicals.
3, Very small strainer can be completely disassembled for easy clean.
4, Easy assembly and disassembly could take you less than 1 min.
5, Suitable for continuous operation of up to 20 mins.
6, Operate quietly with low noise.
7, Humanized design for storage.
8, Waterproof soft touch control panel with tempered glass.
9, Multifunctional juicer: it can make juice, smoothies, ice cream with different small strainers.
best affordable juicer
best affordable juicer
best citrus juicer
best citrus juicer
best affordable juicer
best citrus juicer
best affordable juicer
best citrus juicer

How to use best affordable juicer
1, the vertical alignment of the host frame, put down, assembled in place.
2, the bottom of the juicing net aligned with the motor wheel press, both hands to force evenly, confirm the pressure in place, rotate a few times to see if there is no scratch in the rack. (After it is opened)
3, into the top cover, and buckle safety buckle. (When deducting the safety buckle, please buckle the upper part of the buckle first, and then press down to press it into place. When the disassembly is reversed, please open the bottom of the buckle first to open the safety buckle.)
4, try the machine, see if the work is normal, such as noise or vibration is too large, can be installed again, the juice press network will have a good effect.
5, first peeled the vegetables and the like to the core, wash the spare, the head is larger than the feeding mouth, please cut small.
6. Place the juice cup on the juice outlet, and set the slag bucket on the slag outlet.
7. Turn on the machine, put the fruits and vegetables in the juicer, press down with the push rod to squeeze fresh and delicious juice.
8. After juice is squeezed, some juicers are external to the customer's convenience. They need to pour juice into their cups.
9. Drain the residue and prepare it for cleaning.
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